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16 Traverse de Thuir
66300 Trouillas

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12/04/2016 Bottle Shots

Anyone requiring high-quality photographs of our wine bottles may now download them from the following DropBox folders.

Medium Resolution (for websites)

High Resolution (for print)

Cut-outs (no background)


05/04/2016 New York and Bottling

April is the busiest month for a vigneron independant. We are rushing to finish pruning, mulching the cuttings, ploughing the weeds, tending to the young shoots at the same time as bottling wines, visiting our importers and receiving the first of the season's visitors to the winery.

Jon was in New York with our importer Alice Loubaton of Loubaton Imports LLC. It was the first time back to the city after leaving following the September 11 attacks 14 years ago. So emotional as well as exciting. Alice has been doing a great job placing our wines with some super wine stores and restaurants in and around New York and it was a pleasure to visit them at the same time as presenting our wines to some potential customers.

Jon was interviewed by Lettie Teague for an article which published in the Wall Street Journal on the 30th March.

Back in France on that day we were bottling three wines that have been out of stock for a few months. Le Ciel Vide, One Block Grenache and La Terre Promise.


30/12/2015 It's been a great year!

This year has been a magnificent vintage for us.

We were singled out as the "Nouveau Talent" of the Roussillon by Revue du Vin de France, the country's most respected wine magazine.

Sales have been very strong throughout our network. Our UK sales have been the best ever thanks especially to Prohibition Wines in Muswell Hill, The Solent Cellar in Lymington and the addition of Lea and Sandeman in West London. Cambridge Wine Merchants remain our major UK outlet. Loubaton Imports in New York hit the ground running and sold the first pallet in days. On the other side of the world, Maison Vauron have been doing a great job in New Zealand. In addition we've made little inroads into Switzerland, Catalunya, Poland and Slovakia.

The 2015 harvest was excellent. Thanks to more hard work in the vineyards and some investment in better equipment, our yields were up from an average of 18hl/ha to a far more respectable 32hl/ha and the quality of the wine in the cellar is perhaps the best I've ever seen. In addition we formed a partnership with a very passionate grower at Forca Réal further north in the Roussillon, from which we harvested some old-vine Macabeu and Mourvedre. This will allow us to produce more of our popular wines like Ciel Vide, One Block Grenache and Motus, which have been selling out way before the new vintages were ready.

So we're very excited about 2016.

18/03/2014 Jancis Robinson's latest reviews places us among Roussillon's "Hallowed Names"

Domaine Treloar is now the overall highest rated Roussillon wine producer on Jancis Robinson's site.

Here are the reviews, with kind permission. Read the full article by subscribing to Purple Pages.

Treloar, One Block Muscat 2011 IGP Côtes Catalanes 16 Drink 2013-2015
Restrained nose, attractive herbal and floral character on the palate. Dry but balanced. Soft, drinkable – and not overly aromatic. (RH)

Treloar, One Block Muscat 2012 IGP Côtes Catalanes 16 Drink 2013-2015
Fresh and vibrant – loads of floral character. Super bright fruit. Not at all soapy or overdone. Medium finish, with lovely purity. (RH)

Treloar, La Terre Promise 2012 IGP Côtes Catalanes 16.5 Drink 2014-2018
Single vineyard co-planted with Grenache Gris, then Macabeu, Grenache Blanc and Carignan Blanc. Barrel fermented. Creamy, rich and textural with a light butter note. Lovely peachy fruit. (RH) 13.5%

Treloar, Le Ciel Vide 2012 Côtes du Roussillon 16.5 Drink 2014-2018
Unoaked Syrah, Grenache and Mourvèdre. Really pure fruit and good substance on the mid-palate. A lighter style of Roussillon, but not at all thin. Refreshing with a chocolate and liquorice character and so, so drinkable. (RH) 14%

Treloar, One Block Grenache 2011 IGP Côtes Catalanes 17 Drink 2014-2022
Grenache and Lledoner Pelut (which is not permitted for AC Roussillon, hence it’s an IGP). Dark chocolate – much blacker fruit than expected. Furry tannin, really aromatic and scented. Much more nuance than the typical voluminous Grenaches. (RH) 14.5%

Treloar, Three Peaks 2011 Côtes du Roussillon 17+ Drink 2013-2023
50% Syrah, 20% Grenache, 30% Mourvèdre. Rich aniseed and liquorice character on the nose, with a really charming violet scent. Very fine tannins, fresh acid. Chocolate and spice. Dry tannins that would support ten years of bottle ageing easily. (RH) 14%

Treloar, Le Maudit 2011 Côtes du Roussillon 17 Drink 2014-2020
Based on Carignan. Really dense fruit with loads of juicy bramble flavour – but really tamed tannins and great acid. Tender and yielding – Carignan at its softest. Charming floral lift and super acid that really refreshes the finish. (RH) 14%

Treloar, Motus 2011 Côtes du Roussillon 17.5 Drink 2014-2016
Based on Mourvèdre. Wow – creamy and sweet and soft, with gorgeous fruit purity. American oak aged (preferred to French to give a sweeter element and preserve the fruit). Long and fine. Smooth and succulent texture. Lovely tension between the tannin and acid. (RH)

Treloar, Tahi 2006 Côtes du Roussillon 16.5 Drink 2013-2020
Majority Syrah, plus Grenache and Mourvèdre. Chocolate, black cherry, really softened tannins, dry and smooth on the palate. Spicy finish. Really charming. (RH)

Treloar, Tahi 2007 Côtes du Roussillon 17.5 Drink 2012-2020
Meaty and floral – such lovely development and open fragrance. Loads of acid still – really bright and perky on the palate. Furry tannins on the finish. Hale and hearty. (RH)

Treloar, Tahi 2008 Côtes du Roussillon 17.5 Drink 2015-2026
Meat, liquorice, chocolate. Violet perfume on the mid-palate. Still very formative, with plenty of tannic grip, but soft and plump enough to go down very smoothly. (RH)

Treloar, Tahi 2009 Côtes du Roussillon 18 Drink 2017-2027
Creamy texture. Really vibrant fruit – black bramble character with a touch of menthol and some gamey character too. Drying tannins on the finish – this needs plenty of time. Gorgeous smoke and flint note. (RH)

Treloar 2012 Muscat de Rivesaltes 16+ Drink 2013-2018
Rich, opulent, thick and beautifully scented. Really clean and fresh – none of the harshness and fire that you can get with this style. Sophisticated, even! (RH)



14/02/2014 Tahi named one of the top Roussillon wines of the past 5 years

La Revue du Vin de France, probably the most respected wine magazine in the country has listed their best 80 red Catalan wine, including Roussillon but also Priorat, Montsant and the rest of Spanish Catalunya.

We are very pleased to see Tahi mentioned twice in the list. Bothe the 2007 and 2009 vintages feature high up in the ranking, amongst famous long-standing Roussillon estates like Domaine Gauby and Gardies as well as Torres' icon Priorat wines Mas la Plana and Grans Muralles.



Le Maudit 2012

I decided to perform a whole-bunch ferment using our two oldest vineyards the 1955 Carignan and the 1972 Syrah, picked on the same day. This was not a Carbonic Maceration but a tradional ferment on stems with daily treading of the grapes. The aromas and flavours in the wine at the moment are extraordinary.

Now we just have to choose the correct type of barrels in which to age it. I've chosen some 450lt French Oak tonneaux from Tonnellerie Rousseau. These are double the normal size and designed to impart less oak flavour, so as not to mask the great character of the wine. Over 2 years in barrel I added lees (dead yeast) from the Terre Promise barrels and stirred it into the wine to polish the tannins and add some creamy texture.

It's a one-off wine of great character. Only 1200 bottles were made.

29/06/2012 A Song for Domaine Treloar

Last year John Storey visited us with some friends. It turns out he comes from Barnsley too and is a folk singer/songwriter, now based in Harrogate. He was inspired by the history of how Domaine Treloar came to be and wrote a song about it called "One Block Away".

Click here to learn more about John Storey and his music.


15/05/2012 Tahi wins Prestige Wine Competition

The "Prestige Wines of the Languedoc" competition, organised by Sud de France, was aimed at finding the best 40 wines made in the region from producers of the very highest quality. Each winery was restricted to only submitting their top 3 wines, which were tasted blind by a panel of British experts including Stephen Spurrier, Rosemary George MW and Julia Harding MW. The Tahi 2007 was selected ahead of many of the region's superstar wines from far more famous producers. I'm very pleased to have my "baby" recognised at this level from only the second vintage.


06/04/2012 Improvements at the winery.

Over the winter we were very fortunate to have Jerry, a retired landscape gardener, renting the Cellarmasters House. Jerry is not the kind of man who likes to sit around so when he saw the tonnes of gravel, stones and paving stones waiting for someone to use them, he volunteered to help. He was a master! Landscaping and laying paths and seating areas in no time.

Have a look at the photos here.

And don;t forget what it used to look like!


30/12/2010 Three Peaks again chosen as the best value wine from the Roussillon

The most important wine website in Germany www.wein-plus.de has tasted, rated and reviewed all the Roussillon wines that are sold in Germany. The Three Peaks was awarded the highest rating for all wines under 10€.


17/10/2010 Article in Mana magazine

Mana is a very attractive Maori culture magazine in New Zealand. In issue 96 they have published an article about us. The text starts with "What's a wine with a Maori name doing in France?"

The article tells the story which can also be found on this website here but also includes an interesting piece of Treloar family history which can be downloaded.

It's a great article and will hopefully make some enterprising New Zealand wine importer realise that Treloar is not just another hard-to-sell Languedoc wine.


28/5/10 Fabulous reviews from Jancis Robinson

Jancis lists us among her favourite 30 producers in the whole of the Languedoc-Roussillon. Not bad considering there are 3000 of us to choose from.

At Vinisud we had the pleasure of meeting the exuberent Tamlyn Currin who is part of Jancis's small but highly talented tasting and writing team.

Jancis has now published her article on "Strangers in the Languedoc" (subscribers only) which features Domaine Treloar. It tells our story much better than I have ever managed to do and the critical reviews of our wines are still making me blush. Click here for the tasting notes.


6/1/10 Love That Roussillon

Over the holidays we had the pleasure of welcoming Ryan O'Connor. Ryan wears two hats. He's the winemaker of O'Vineyards in the Cotes de la Malpere and the author and director of Love That Languedoc, a video blog of the wines and winemakers of the Languedoc-Roussillon. We had a good old chat while tasting the new Rose and my white wines. Move over Oz Clarke, I think we have a new on-screen wine personality! Watch the video here.

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